The women

I’m throwing in the gratuitous shot of Sarah Gregory, a hot young model, well, because I can, and because she’s hot — oh, I already said that — and because she asked me to spank her, which I was pleased to do. (And she deserved it. She always deserves it, but that’s another story!).

I MOSTLY spank men but when a woman can take a hard spanking like Sarah, or like another friend of mine, Em, they’re fun to play with. Having a nice butt doesn’t hurt. No offense, guys, but women’s bottoms are prettier.

I probably have a slightly different disciplinary style with women. I might spank longer with my hand, for instance; whereas with a man I’ll reach for a hairbrush, strap or paddle sooner. I think I tend to feel more “motherly” with women, although there are men who bring out that side of me as well. I’m not a MLF in real life unless you count my two furry four-legged children, but those feelings do come out. There’s nothing wrong with causing pain and distress and then comforting the poor thing afterward.

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