Slowly but surely…

The site is coming together. I was able to get an image in place for the banner and sidebar. More to come.
Weekend was very busy. Dinner with husband and a scene friend on Friday after work. Stayed up late working on artwork (painting, which I haven’t done in a long time).
Saturday morning my regular support group meeting, then a nap, then hooked up with my friend and finally back home, where my husband and I finally had some very nice along time.
Sunday we had brunch in Manhattan with scene friends, one of whom (from Shadow Lane) was celebrating her birthday. Back to Queens for a family dinner celebrating my nephew’s graduation.
Ate too much, did too much, but had a good time so it was all worth it. No play, but that’s fine. Life isn’t always about play, right?
Here’s a new shot, from a photo shoot Sir Dr. D did with me and Ivy the other day:
Cass tops Ivy (c) 2009 Sir Dr. D.

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