1. otk_spanko


    The play was wonderful, as always, and yes, although I am not in the least stoic about it, I can take it and I WILL take it, from your knowing and skilled hand.

    I am glad that you enjoy strapping and belting me as much as I enjoy receiving it from you. You should certainly feel free to really let loose with that belt, and to push my limits with the cane, too, if you so desire. Because you and I have played many times before, and I know you and trust you completely, I am able to take a royal walloping at your hands!

    Of course, turnabout is fair play, as you also know from some of our party play…


  2. I hope we get to do that real soon. I have a couple trips coming up, though, so I don’t know when that might be.

  3. otk_spanko

    I hope so, too, but in the meantime, enjoy those trips!

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