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Cass spanks Sarah at Paddles NYC
Cass spanks Sarah at Paddles NYC

I do tend to top men more often than women, but sometimes — no offense, guys — the ladies’ bottoms are nicer. If a lady can take a good lickin’, that’s even better. There’s a certain NY brat I know (E!) who always gives me a REASON to pull her pants down and haul her over my lap. In the pic above, young spanking model Sarah Gregory is getting it from me. She had asked me to spank her when she was at Paddles NYC recently.  How could I resist? She’s got a great butt, an adorable pouty face and she can TAKE IT. (Of course, she deserved it!).

I think I may have a slightly different style when I top women, however. I tend to spank much longer with my bare hand, whereas with men I’ll reach for the hairbrush, strap or paddle sooner. I do fantasize about making a female brat bend over a chair or couch, yanking down her panties, unbuckling my leather belt and giving it to her HARD. I hope I can act out that fantasy soon, and (is this wrong?) I hope there is an audience, and I hope she makes a lot of noise.

With women I often feel a little more “motherly.” Maternal feelings come out SOMETIMES when I spank a guy, but it’s definitely more frequent with ladies. I’m not a MLF in real life unless you count my two furry four-legged “children,” but I still have those feelings. Nothing wrong with dishing out a painful punishment and then comforting the poor thing afterward.


  1. hmmm mm what a lovely foto of you Topping the delightful Sarah Gregory. And I love the fantasy you mentioned in your blog post…hope you can play that one out soon!


  2. I hope so, too. And if not a grrl, then I’ll grab a nasty bad boy. Nothing like a good belting.

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