Hazy-headed thoughts

I’ve got a bit of a cold — or it may be allergies — my eyes are watery and red and I can’t seem to stop sniffling. This has been going on all day and I can’t seem to function very well.

But in spite of my fluffy-headedness, I did manage to respond to a few emails from gentlemen inquiring about my spankings. I wrote up some short scenarios about how I like to play. This is never set in stone. I usually start with the bad boy over my lap, and I like that position for the initial hand spanking. I’ve heard many, many bottoms say they like that position.

But I don’t ALWAYS start that way. Sometimes I’ll go right to the strap or the cane with no warm-up. For a school scenario, I feel that’s more appropriate , although, recently I did punish one bad schoolboy whose fantasy involved going over the teacher’s lap for a hand spanking.

Beyond taking out and using the “standard” implements, there are other types of punishments that I like dishing out, like using a bar of soap to wash out the mouth of a smart-alecky brat. One of the men who wrote me actually told me he wanted that done to him. I have used soap before on bratty boys, but it’s even better when you get the green light on it! Soap is a scary thing, it really can bring back childhood memories. It tastes awful, no matter what kind you use, and the taste lingers for a while even after multiple rinsing. I’ll use Ivory, but I’ll threaten to bring out the Fels Naptha. THAT’S a nasty soap.

I was going to write about non-physical punishments, such as being forced to write lines or standing in the corner. But these don’t carry as much emotional weight, and aren’t as nasty as the bar of soap. Wonder what other bottoms have experienced in the way of non-physical punishments?

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