The last poll (“What’s your favorite position”) is now closed. Results no surprise: OTK scored the highest at a touch over 50%. The least favorite: Bending over touching toes. NO ONE voted for that. I don’t understand. Doesn’t everyone love getting paddled in that position? It’s so comfortable!

Would like to hear from the ones who voted for “other.” What are the other positions you like?

When I top, I like OTK for its intimacy. With the bigger guys I either have a second chair available for support or I’ll sit on a sofa or bench and have them half over my knee, half on the sofa. I’m short, but it’s doable!

For dishing out harsher punishments, I prefer to have my bottom lying across a couch or bench.

When I bottom, I think I like being bent over something, like a table or bench, with my hands gripping either the opposite end or the sides of the table. Of course I like OTK as well.


  1. yendis

    Just wondered what consideration is/was given to the “diaper position”? It’s my impression many (especially women) find this to be the most distasteful and humiliating, while males sometimes find it even unworkable (protruding genitals).

    Especially when well-lit and unblindfolded, eye-to-eye with the tormentor would seem to be to be the most ?intimate? perhaps…..

    Your thoughts?

  2. It IS humiliating. Don’t you just HATE the name? But sometimes that little extra bit of humiliation is what someone wants or needs. And sometimes it’s simply what he’s earned. Is it more intimate? Hard to say. I think there IS an intimacy in this kind of exposure, this vulnerability. Do you trust that your top will still respect you afterward? That’s a good question to ask yourself. I may make someone do something that’s embarrassing to him, like this position, while I’m in charge. But afterward, after we are done our session, we are back to being on equal footing.

    This position is also more painful; yes, for men it can be difficult. A top has to aim carefully…

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