Toys I haven’t quite broken in yet

Got wood?

Very stingy and nasty!

I was checking out my toy bag and realized there were a few toys in there that I’ve barely used at all yet. I’ll be a Paddles NYC this Friday night, so maybe I’ll have the opportunity to really see what they can do. Anyone planning on coming out and playing? I’m ready to throw you right over my lap for a bare-bottomed spanking — and go from there…

Now, the paddles in the top picture are wood, so it won’t be too much of a surprise what they can do… but there’s wood and then there’s WOOD. And then there’s composite plastic, shown in the lower picture. Not so domestic, but a little more yielding than wood, and cleans up well …

As ar as implements go, I really do prefer the strap or the cane, but paddles are very efficient, they get the message across fast … they’re SCARY and PAINFUL and hard to take. Usually even the stoic bottoms will begin to writhe under one of these. This is what separates the men from the boys… But I’m saying that in a general way. Most of the time, when a guy starts a scene with me, I’ll ask if there’s anything that’s off-limits, any specific concerns that I need to know about. If wood is not mentioned as being a hard limit, at some point usually I’ll bring the wood out, at the very least to scare him with.

I’d like to give credit here, but I only know the source of two of the wood paddles — the top one was a gift from my friends L. & J. in Chicago. I just wrote them to asked if they knew the maker; will update this blog if they know. The frat-like paddle at the left is a beauty from Kitty’s Exotic Paddles. The one in the middle is by Whack Me Paddles (more specifically by Funny Brat Girl, my friend from California. The one on the right was a door prize at Florida Moonshine, so I’m sure someone knows who makes these — please let me know if you recognize the design and I’ll give credit.
The Paddle Master paddles in the second picture (according to the company’s website) “are produced from a high density, flexible 1/4’’ composite plastic material. These designs and superior edging prevent cutting and minimize bruising which are commonly the results from wood or leather paddles.”

Update 7/16/09: My friend L. wrote me and said she’s fairly sure the small, round paddle was made by Hanson Paddle Werks.


  1. otk_spanko

    That small, round paddle with the holes, from Hansen Paddle Werks, looks positively evil. Um, I hope that makes it into your toy bag for the next MSA party :D


  2. I brought it to Paddles tonight in hopes of using it on someone, and I don’t know what happened! This evil lady showed up and suddenly she was using it on ME! It’s just not right. And yeah, it hurt!

  3. otk_spanko

    Wow, sounds like she wrested it from your hands and applied it with vigor to the spot that nature provided. Darn, wish I had been a fly on the wall for that action! I am so, so sorry, though, to hear that it made you smart…NOT!


  4. Yes, she was spanking me and decided to get a little nastier… But in reality she didn’t give me that many.

    This was my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Yes, he was there, too. They watched me spank another guy, then they both topped me. It’s nice when exes can become friends…

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