It’s not ALL about spanking…

You don’t to be into spanking necessarily to crave that focus, that attention, from the top. There is a need (sometimes it’s more like a longing) to “be done to,” whatever the “doing” involves.

A guy I’d seen before but never played with, I’ll call him Sub T., offered to rub my feet at Paddles one night. A girl who’s been wearing heels all night would be wise to take advantage of such offers, and I felt comfortable enough with him. I sat on a chair, he knelt in front of me and started the massage. It felt good; he was doing a decent job and I was happy, but then at one point he asked me to shove my feet into his face. He wanted me to kind of mash them into him. What the heck? I pushed my feet into his face. I figured I’d do what he asked for a few minutes that then take it a step further … because I CAN … and then I started slapping his face with my foot.

I could see almost immediately from T.’s reaction that I’d moved in the right direction, so I kept going, a little harder, and I started telling him how much he deserved it. I probably slapped him with my hand a little too, eventually. I remember getting pretty darn turned on by doing whatever I felt like to him. And loving that look in his eyes… that mixture of fear and excitement. And I wasn’t even causing him that much pain. It probably had more to do with the public humiliation.

There’s another sub, H., a man I play with occasionally at Paddles. If I ask him what he’s in the mood for on a particular night, he inevitably responds, “Anything you desire, Mistress.” Now, you know I’m not really into that “Mistress” thing so much (I prefer “Ma’am” or “Miss Cassandra” during a scene), but … “Anything I desire?” Hmm. I think I need to work on a good answer for the next time someone actually asks, “What do you desire?”

Quick answer is, “Okay, drop’em and bend over this table.”

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