Results on implement poll

Thanks, everyone, for voting in the last poll (“If you got to pick your punishment implement, which would you choose?”). Thirty people voted – Yay!

The winner was the strap (cool – my favorite, too), with eight votes, but the hairbrush was a close second with seven votes. Next were the wooden paddle and cane (four each), leather paddle and belt (three each), and the wooden spoon (a lonely one vote). Odd, no one voted for the slipper, switch or tawse. Now I know what to bring out when I want to be nasty!

A little aside, for fellow grammar snobs out there: Please tell me this can’t be right: on my poll administration page, WordPress uses the following language: “Total Votes Casted; 1 vote is casted by registered users; 1 vote is casted by comment authors; 28 votes are casted by guests.”

I’m not sure why WP is using present tense on the vote count section, although that’s not my real concern. I was mainly surprised at the use of “CASTED.” I’m pretty sure I’m right here — it’s “CAST,” present and past tense, not “CASTED.” If I am wrong, if “casted” is okay in certain usages, PLEASE don’t hesitate to correct me. I aim for proper usage. I did do a quick grammar search before writing this post and could not find an answer. (I think “I casted” as in “I found people to play a part in a movie” MAY be acceptable, or just recently become acceptable?)

Feedback much appreciated.


  1. Mike

    The Grammar Police agree – “Casted” is incorrect (as is “broadcasted”). And thank you for not posting “picture’s” too.

  2. JP

    Oh…I missed this poll…just got on here…but my favorite
    implement is the strap and tawse…especially in your
    talented hands…You really know how to use these..

  3. Hey, no problem. And I love the strap, too. By the way, any time you have an idea for a new poll, please pass it along.

  4. Mike

    Apostrophe abuse merits a spanking a lot harder than you could give with a red Sharpie. A cane looks a little like a very large apostrophe, doesn’t it?

  5. Mike

    A target! That would definitely add insult to injury.

    I voted for the belt because I’m such a fan of could-be-real domestic spankings, and a belt was very popular when I was growing up. It’s something that everyone has around the house (no need to have a special stash of punishment implements) and it can work OTK, which is of course important (at least to me) for a good domestic scene.

    Perhaps one day you can introduce me to your strap and change my mind, but until then, I’ll stick with what makes me uncomfortable in a comfortable way.

  6. I think for pure emotional appeal, the belt wins for me. I find the strap easier to control when topping and slightly easier to take when bottoming, but that does depend upon the person using it and the type of strap or thickness of the belt. Sometimes a belt can strike “wrong” and cut into you with the edge. Oh, but the visual of someone undoing one and knowing you’re about to feel it … shivers…

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