1. loretta

    Sandy, sounds like you guys should have won the door prize for the hardest play. Sorry we missed you, we saw J but you must have left, I think we got there at around 10:30. we had a great dinner at chrispos on 14th street didn’t know about the tapas bar on 14th, sounds good. looking forward to seeing you guys at Jess’s on the 8th.

  2. We actually walked out together because we were both heading to Penn Station — maybe I was in the bathroom when you arrived! Sorry I missed you. Is Chrispos a Greek place?

  3. loretta

    I believe its an italian place, there hot cherry peppers with procuitti and cheeze are to die for, the bread is excellent, and they have some fish dishes that are really good too. We like the veal parm also. talk to you soon.

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