Doesn’t always have to be hard

If you haven’t guessed by now, I do like to play hard. Oh, I’m not saying I’m the hardest player out there, and there are many things I don’t do that could cause lots more pain than the things I like to do, but in general, I like it on the hard side. I like a good, long hand spanking to start things off, and I generally move on to a hairbrush or strap after that, except in some cases where the sub needs a harder punishment. Then it may be a cane or wooden paddle.

But I don’t have to go hard. A big part of my turn-on is hearing a reaction. If I’m spanking with just my hand over my sub’s shorts, I know it doesn’t hurt THAT much. But there’s probably SOME pain, and if I’m scolding someone at the same time, it can feel very real. By the time the shorts are peeled down, he could be deep in little boy mode.

This is all about him feeling he’s safe and protected, but still has to take his punishment.


  1. Mike

    So nice to read this. Having read from your writings that you like to both give and receive “hard” it’s good to know that you don’t feel that you can’t get what you want from giving unless you beat your charge to a bloody pulp.

    I expect a spanking to hurt, but I don’t like to abuse my body if I have a choice in the matter (other than to play or not play). I’ve never had a “You won’t sit down for a week” spanking and I don’t really want one. A spanking that gets a reaction from me doesn’t have to leave bruises.

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