1. Mike

    I’m one of the “Other” voters, but only because I thought the choices were too black-and-white. I’m surprised that the comment I left in the box when I chose “other” didn’t show up either in the poll results or someplace where you could read it.

    Sure, I like the hug at the end of a spanking, but it’s not a one-way thing. When my spanker hugs me, I consider that to be an opening to hug her back. I want to let her know that I enjoyed the experience and hope she did as well. Hopefully I’m not overstepping my bounds. I’ve never had anyone pull away. ;)

  2. Oh, of course I like my sub to hug me back. It’s sometimes strange to hug after a really hard corporal punishment scene. But I guess I consider us “back to being equals” after we cool down, so what’s wrong with a hug?

    Sometimes, I’ll ask my sub to sit on my lap, or to kneel in front of me and put his head on my lap so I can stroke him and comfort him for a little while. Many guys like that, but it’s probably not everyone’s thing…

  3. Mike

    I don’t do kneeling, even if it’s for head-on-lap comforting, but sitting side-by-side and holding hands is good sometimes.

    I don’t like to be spanked so hard that it’s difficult to sit, but I do take a sort of perverse pleasure of holding a hand that’s as warm as my backside, for obvious reasons.

  4. Jr

    First i’d like to say I just found your site and blog. Hope to have a Lady like you in my future.I’m a switch who has been looking for sometime for a matriarch for a LTR. I like a little nurturing after a hard spanking. Not being in a relationship means spankings are far and very few in between. I feel so thankful to get one a hug is a hart felt thing after… Great site by the way.

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