Afternoon delights?

I’ve had quite a few requests lately for daytime play. I do appreciate the need for a quick lunchtime tête à tête , but it isn’t possible for me to schedule those during the days right now. I’m working full time. I’m also working pretty far uptown, and all of the places I rent for play are in midtown or Chelsea. I would need to book with them ahead of time (some aren’t even open at noon) and would have to travel, with gear down there and back, and it just isn’t feasible. If you are working in Manhattan and would like to play during the week, PLEASE consider staying in the city a little later than usual. I can book a 6:30 appointment for you, give you a nice thrashing, then send you on your way in time for you to make the 8 o’clock train or bus.

If you have references who can vouch for you, let me know. Then I can meet you at your office or hotel or residence; I’d be happy to schedule a half-hour lunchtime session.

Thanks for understanding!

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