Staying in NY after all

Well, I thought I was going to Philadelphia this weekend and tried to arrange for some play while I was down there. My husband Rad is shooting some videos today with Punished Brats, and I originally was going to travel with him. Finding places to play in Philadelphia is harder than it is in NY, however. At least it SEEMED harder, not knowing anyone in the Philly scene. The one pro-domme house that seemed feasible to use was not open on Sunday.

Oh, also, I need to thank Ms. Astrid, AKA SuperModernDomme, and Goddess Ava St. Marks of Philadelphia, two Dommes who attempted to help out a “sister” Domme this weekend. Thanks! Hope to hook up soon.

Oh, well. Well, onward and upward. Might travel again soon and maybe just schedule play for the hotel room. (This is always an option, even in NY, for those I know or those who can provide references.)


  1. Mike

    I like the latest format change with the prominently displayed date of the blog entries. It’s fun to read your comments and the new layout makes it easy to see what’s new. It would be even better, though, if a My Blog link was at the top of the page rather than embedded in a paragraph of text.

    Good to see that “Test Drive” is in the running. ;)

  2. There is a My Blog link at the top of the page … I’m confused. I do have to change the top of the page links, however, now that you mention it.

  3. Mike

    There was a Blog link, then for one variant, the last one before the current one I think, it disappeared, and now it’s back again. All’s well.

  4. e. j.

    Hi Ms Park

    I saw much too late that you were planning a trip to Phila. I also learned, too late, that you are an experienced mouthsoaper. And now I just learned that you were unable to make the trip to Phila.

    “Soap” has been a ‘button-pusher’ for me going back to the 1950’s and 60’s when I was growing up. Back then mouthsoaping was a popular form of punishment. Been awhile for me. Will follow your site. Best regards.

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