One day to Vegas!

My much-anticipated mini-vacation to Las Vegas, and the Shadow Lane party, is finally about to happen. I have one last day of work to get through, and my husband and I leave tomorrow morning from JFK. It’s going to be an action-packed week, I’m sure. I have a few consultations scheduled, as well as personal play, but there is still space for more. My “latest news” column on the right side of the page lists the specials I’m running throughout the party.

For those who are familiar with her (and I know that’s many of you), I’ll be hanging out with Miss Chris from Arizona for at least part of the weekend. She and I are cohosting the “Bad Boys Get Spanked” party on Saturday morning. Anyone who is going to Shadow Lane is invited to attend this, as long as the females top and the males bottom. We have, I believe, over 10 female tops attending this. I’m in charge of the music … we’ll see how THAT goes.

She and I are also attending a “switches” party on Friday night. This is a first-time event for Shadow Lane, and the host has set it up with contests, teams of “boys vs. girls.” The spankings are supposed to be less than 2 minutes each and are set to music (not really my favorite thing, but I’ll play along). I figure it will be a good opportunity to meet new people and get an inkling of their style.

Above all, I’m aiming at relaxing and having fun. There are friends I have not seen since the last party and I have a lot of catching up to do. I don’t like placing too many expectations on an event, like, “If I don’t play with ______, I’ll be upset and my party won’t be complete.” I go with the flow as much as I can and accept how things work out, BUT, I also schedule at least a few sessions in advance. If I leave everything to chance, sometimes things don’t happen.  I’m gratified that some of my favorite players have contacted me to set up times to play.

If you’re going, and we haven’t met yet, please come introduce yourself. I’ll have my computer with me, so you can continue to email and leave messages here.


  1. Happy to hear that. We are here. Making very fast updates to website today, but not enough time to blog yet. Later.

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