Busy beaver

Yes, I haven’t written; yes, I have an excuse; no, it’s not a GOOD excuse. I’m simply swamped, and crazed, and up and down and all kinds of other emotions over the last few weeks. One of the number one things plaguing me is that I’m not coming up with what I think are interesting things to say and I’m not updating my blog(s) often enough. It’s not that I don’t want to. I think it’s just that my state of mind takes me to other places.

(Oh, there are technology issues as well … I have a cell phone where I can text from the road, as well as check and respond to email messages, but it doesn’t help much in keeping up on writing. I also have a mini laptop, which, sadly, I’ve sacrificed and left at work all week so that i could bring reams of work home instead.)

I COULD relieve some stress by heading over to Paddles — and I may be there later tomorrow night, after a show. The idea of giving someone a good strapping, paddling or flogging always gets me a little more perked up. Especially one of those men who will take it, but not easily, and I can hear the moans of pain…

We won’t go into detail about how my A.E. probably needs it, too … a story for another time.

But anyway. There’s a certain Scottish lad who’s in for it tomorrow night. Can’t wait to dish out his punishment. I AM a sucker for Irish and Scottish accents but I have warned him that trying to charm his way out of a punishment won’t work.. well, he can always TRY…

Will write again as soon as I can.


  1. Colin

    Yes, the Scottish charm was attempted but failed to reduce the punishment – in fact perhaps even increased it – very thoroughly spanked, strapped, tawsed, slippered and paddled – red hot and sore bottom but truly wonderful – thank you again Ms. C !!

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