Non-spanking punishments

Several men have asked me about non-spanking, long-distance assignments — doing lines, extended corner time, grounding, essays, etc. I’m offering these options to bad boys around the country or in other countries who can’t make it to New York.

What it typically will involve will be: a) an introductory email to me, including what type of behavior you’d like to work on. After we agree on the parameters, times, etc., then b) you’d send a weekly email to me outlining your progress or lack of progress in the behavioral area we discussed,m c). I’ll send you a memo with your instructions — writing a certain number of lines, activity restrictions, corner time, etc. d) you send back photos of the lines (or mail them), plus any other photos or documentation that your assignments were completed.

Punishments may include self-spankings or other self-imposed corporal punishment as well. These are of course never as satisfying as in real life, but if that’s all that’s possible at the moment, it will have to do. We’ll get to know each other in the process, and when you CAN come to NY I’ll give you a real spanking.

In other news, I’m eying a trip to Los Angeles, possibly in November. I’m hoping to have time to schedule some appointments while I’m there.

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