Nice boys?

A fuzzy image of the good/bad boy with shorts pulled down… The lighting wasn’t very good; I think the spanking made up for it…

Nice boys — an oxymoron? Well, I seem to be meeting some very nice boys, well-behaved in real life, who simply NEED a good spanking. Why? Damned if I know; what do I look like, a  Freudian psychoanalyst? LOL.

One such good boy was M., who came to see me last night. He had to wait a whole extra week, too, because I was sick last Friday. I hope I made up for it. We concocted a B.S. reason for the spanking, based on a real-life issue that I hardly think is that bad — indulging in the ol’ as they say, “420″ … (I don’t think it’s bad unless someone’s doing it every day and he’s starting to forget how to write his own name.)

It was a great scene. M. said he’d been spanked before, but not a “real” spanking, where he was made to take it for nearly an hour (some timeouts in between, but mostly spanking over my lap). I locked him into place when it started to hurt. His wriggling and his reactions were just perfect; I watched him cross his ankles and clench his cheeks when the pain got a little intense. Mostly I used my hand, but he also got at least 100 with a stiff leather paddle, and a taste of the wooden hairbrush as well.

Really, some life-long fantasies die hard. In this case I was playing the boyhood neighbor lady that always SHOULD have spanked M. but never quite did.

This seems a perennial theme among the men I spank. This afternoon I’m spanking another bad boy who ALWAYS fantasized about his neighbor, even went so far as to go through her panty drawer once when he was house-sitting — never got caught. I spanked him for this before … and made him wear plastic pants as further punishment and humiliation.

I’ve had some other hot scenes recently, and I hope to write up more descriptions soon. Right now, time to get ready. I’ve got not one but THREE bad boys to see tonight. Might need an energy drink…


  1. Mike

    Life-long fantasies are . . . well . . . life long so they indeed die hard. I’ve made up plenty of role play scenes for spanking sessions, but those that have roots with my childhood or early adulthood keep coming to the surface. Those are the ones that seem to result in the best sessions.

    I’m talking about 40-55 years ago, however, so there were more real spankings in those days. We were luckier then, not to have to make up a reason to be spanked.

  2. “Luckier,” eh? Lots of poor little boys didn’t feel so lucky while it was happening to them! But big boys NEED it

  3. Mike

    You don’t think that pre-teen boys (and possibly girls, too) had fantasies about getting spanked? I sure did, since I didn’t get spanked at home.

  4. Thomas

    Miss P..I believe I was one of those bad boys and yes I did get a very stinging lesson which stayed with me for several days…Thank You!! but i dont seem to recall confessing to ALL my alledged sins! I think got away with a few(=l=)

  5. I guess if one DIDN’T get spanked as a child one might fantasize about it. I was spanked and it was awful and now I love it… go figure.

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