The costume poll

So far it’s a toss up on the Halloween costume poll. Two votes each of police woman, leather-clad dominatrix, and hot teacher. I’m still leaning toward being a nurse, and I’m going to try on some outfits on Tuesday. Poll will stay up till at least next week.

Last night I attended the Strictly Spanking New York party and it was a costume party. I wasn’t quite ready with my “official” 2009 Halloween costume, but I already own a red velvet maid’s outfit so that’s what I wore, complete with thigh-highs, heels and little white apron. (You know, never before entering the kink scene have I purchased and worn so many pairs of thigh-highs or regular stockings with garters.)

My costume was one of those great sexy-but-comfortable outfits, and people seemed to like it, LOL. I was even rudely pawed by a suspicious-looking character posing as a PRIEST! Father — show some respect!

It was a great party. I topped two men and one bad girl who was in a nun’s habit, wimple and all. She was wearing very naughty panties — tsk tsk. Several people topped me and I was pretty toasted by the end of the evening.

Thanks to the organizers, Jules and Mike.

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