So I decided to go as a nurse to the DomSubFriend’s Halloween party at Paddles, then change into “Texas Hold’em,” a goofy little costume where fake hands are holding my boobs (see “Latest News” at right). Cute.

Out of the suggested costumes on my poll, police woman and hot teacher were number 1 and 2, respectively. The number one answer, at 37%, was “other,” but I only got two comments telling me what the “other” should be. They were fun suggestions, however: 60s airline stewardess (Thank you, Mike), a strict governess, a devil, a nurse on a psych ward (would have required a patient in a straight jacket as a “prop”), and finally, an equestrian (these four were from Hoppy — Thanks).

Hoppy also said: “Tall dark leather boots, dark jodhpurs, white linen shirt, appropriate hat or helmet, and the (mandatory) riding crop? Tell me honestly, my dear, who wouldn’t be happy to put on a saddle, a bridle and reins for you to lead them around?”
horse lady 1
(This is not me — but it’s a cute photo)

I don’t know, Hoppy, do YOU know someone who fits that description?

I think equestrian is the winner of my latest mini-contest, and it’s something I can wear anytime, not just Halloween. Think I’ll start getting that together…

Hoppy needs to report for his good boy spanking ASAP!


  1. Mike

    Well, better to come in second in the “Other” category than last. Maybe next time I’ll make enough other suggestions to rate a good boy spanking, too.

    Shame on all those chickens who voted for “Other” and didn’t have any suggestions. I guess they’re saying they don’t like your own ideas. ;)

  2. Yeah, , what’s up with that? Oh, and there’s one bad boy out there (you know who you are!) who owes me chocolates.

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