Dirty fantasy for the bad boys …

(Disclaimer — this is ONLY a fantasy)

Certain bad boys just beg to be bound and used, this one in particular. I order him to kneel on the bed. His head is down on the comforter, his legs spread apart, his wrists bound to straps around his thighs and his ankles kept apart with the use of a spreader bar.

I turn his head to the side so I can gag him with my panties, which I’ve just removed. I am standing in lacy push-up bra, garter, stockings and high heels — with a thick strap-on cock jutting out in front. I reach into a drawer and take out a pair of latex gloves and a bottle of lubricant. I let him watch for a few minutes, as I snap on the gloves, then I shove his head back to its original position.

I climb up behind him and snap the plastic bottle cap open. He then feels the cool lubricant dripping onto his cheeks and down the center. A gloved finger plays with the outside of his butt hole and then suddenly slips inside. More lube is dripped down and worked inside. He is slippery, but my cock is large. I also drip lubricant onto his bottom and I spread it around his cheeks.

I raise my right hand and suddenly bring it down, crisply smacking to his right cheek, then his left. I spank him hard, making him wriggle more. The lube on his cheeks makes it sting more, I know. He begins to moan softly.

I press the tip of my cock against his ass hole, plunging in an inch or so, retreating then plunging slightly more each time. I hear his moans getting louder now.

I reach up and grab his hair, twist his head to the side and yank out the gag. I have to hear him tell me.

“Do you want this cock fucking your ass?” I hiss. Hesitation. “Yes or no!” It is already beginning to enter him.

Finally: “Yes.”


“Yes. Yes, Mistress. I want it.”

“Say please.”

“Please, Mistress.”

“All right, bad boy.” I shove my panties back into his mouth and let his head fall back down. I keep slapping his ass. Now I begin to push the cock all the way, slowly but forcefully, until it is inside. I grip his waist, pull my cock back out a little, then ram it back in. I feel him shudder beneath me. I respond by slamming into him again. It feels so tight; I wish I knew what it felt like for real… And I like making him moan and shake beneath me. I keep fucking that dirty, nasty hole. I hear him begin to sob. I wonder if it hurts. I don’t care. I hope it does. I’ll spank and fuck him as long as I want to.

Because I want to. Because I can.


  1. Hoppy

    Sound more like a dream cum true….

  2. I meant the fantasy — and I may regret writing that. But I’m glad it’s turning women on, too.

  3. Good Lord, that was an incredible fantasy story Maam, and created a GREAT mental image for me on the receiving end.

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