Waxing and waning

Last poll results found that most guys would rather not submit themselves to a waxing — a good percentage said they shave before a session, but almost as many said “real men don’t do that!” For myself, that’s a toss-up. Naturally, I want to be playing with a “real man”! But who doesn’t love the feel of a smooth backside, very nice for stroking just before we start and I get all mean.

There are one or two subs I play with who either do a great job shaving or go for a waxing. I love it! It’s expensive, and painful. But you don’t have to go all crazy, there are options and you don’t have to get the more painful bits waxed.

I get waxed periodically; I’m sort of new to the practice so it’s an adventure for me. As a switch I love exploring how different types of pain affect me. Getting a tattoo, for instance, got me high. When I get waxed it can be excruciating in places but pleasant in others. I am a yelper, but I do my best to keep it down. Eventually, the same endorphins that I experience during play start to kick in, and I get a similar nice “floaty” feeling.

I don’t drink or do drugs, so it’s very nice to discover this natural high that doesn’t make you blackout and leaves you hangover free.

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  1. Hoppy

    If you truely love the feel of a smooth backside before spanking, perhaps you could offer waxing of this area as an “extra”, I’m sure you’d get at least one taker….

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