Off to the left coast!

I’m at JFK’s JetBlue terminal, awaiting my flight to Burbank. As announced previously, I’m heading to Southern California for some R&R and, hopefully, a little shameless self-promotion. I will be taking appointments this weekend, but it’s filling up quickly so let me know ASAP.

Agenda is relatively light. Meeting my girlfriend from Shadow Lane (she’s sharing the room with me) and just doing whatever we feel like this afternoon and evening. May hook up with other SL friends for dinner.

Saturday we will be at The Lair, a BDSM club — I’ve heard a lot about this place but have yet to visit, so I’m excited. If you are in the area, please come on out. I do plan on topping as much as possible.

Sunday my alter ego has an appointment with a friend that I’ve only talked to long-distance so far. In this scene it’s nice to get to know as many people as possible of both genders. My friend Erica plays with this guy and he comes highly recommended. He’s a good writer, which always piques my interest, and seems to be quite attractive, athletic, and very strict (most important factor of all!)

Sunday afternoon I’ve been invited to a spanking party, some Hollywood-area group, and several Shadow Lane people I know will be there. Again — nice to get to know people!

Of course I have my laptop and will be checking in periodically. Maybe I’ll get to meet some of you on my trip.

My next trip won’t be till the New Year, and I’ll make plenty of announcements when I figure out where I’m going.


  1. Mike

    Is Jet Blue one of the airlines that’s offering free in-flight WiFi this month? I’ve seen that from a couple of airlines who have me on their mailing list. Tell me if you’re replying from 30,000 feet.

    I still remember the first time a friend called me from the train from Washington to New York. He was a science writer, they had just initiated the service, and he just had to try it. That must have been at least 40 years ago. But I haven’t had an e-mail from an airplane yet.

    Have fun in LA. Check out the toy department at JT’s Stockroom if you get a chance. Maybe you’ll find something to bring to the next Paddles OTK night.

  2. Hey, Mike. No in-flight WiFi, at least not on MY flight. But it was available in the terminal, which is pretty cool.

    I was so busy all weekend I didn’t even make it into LA proper. Mostly stayed in Burbank. However, I was spanked with a strap from JT’s Stockroom.


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