A new winner!

All right! Yes, someone should be spanked for this delay in keeping up, but at last I’ve got a few minutes by myself — WITH an internet connection — to catch up.

The winner of the contest was actually the very first person to guess — Andy! Yes, “The Forever War” was the last book I finished. (Now I’d like to know what hints I dropped, because I don’t recall mentioning it!)

Email me, Andy, and we can talk privately about when is a good time to claim your prize. Are you in the U.S.? If not, this may be tricky!

Allen was the second person to guess the right answer.

Thanks, everyone, for playing (and reading my blog!)


  1. Hoppy

    I’m guessing (unintentional, of course) tardiness.

  2. allen

    Not sticking to your exercise regimen.

  3. Wow!



    I’ll send you a mail in a few minutes :-)

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