Spanking weekend

Friday night’s Strictly Spanking New York party was not only terrific but well-attended, with lots of out-of-town guests flying, driving or taking trains or buses to get here. New York City is always beautiful at Christmastime, and what better excuse to come visit than to see old spanking friends?

At the one-year anniversary of the creation of this group, due to some very good organization and outreach, it’s becoming THE spanking event to attend in the city. Not to take away from several other organizations hosting parties, but this one makes a concerted effort to keep a good male/female balance as well as a good balance tops to bottoms (of either gender).

Now SSNY is taking the leap into its first weekend-long event. the Boardwalk Badness Weekend is set for April 23-25, 2010, in Atlantic City, NJ.

Boardwalk Badness Weekend

I highly recommend checking out the info on the link above and then starting the application and reservation process. Actually, I better get MY hotel room reserved.

It’ll be a dream for us Northeast spanking fans.

P.S. if any computer geeks out there can explain how to make a picture into a link on WordPress, please help. I’ve been trying all afternoon to no avail.


  1. Which picture do you want linked, Sandy? The Boardwalk Badness one on the right hand side of this page? Let me know and I will send you the code.

  2. Actually, if it is the one on the right side this is what you need to do. On wordpress you need to ‘Add a widget’ and select the one that says HTML code. Then all you need to do is copy the following code and paste it into the widget and save.

  3. Let me try that. Maybe I’m using the wrong widget. But what about in the blog post I wrote? Can I do the same thing there?

  4. Yep, you sure can. You just have to select HTML instead of visual when you compose the message and add the code that I sent to you to the post.

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