I didn’t get a chance to mention the OTHER parties I attended over the weekend in addition to the SSNY (Strictly Spanking New York) party on Friday.

For several months now, my husband Rad and I have been co-hosting the munch prior to Paddles OTK night party. This happens on the first Saturday of each month except on major holidays (it may be the second Saturday in January; I’ll keep you posted.)

Anyone is welcome to attend. The munch is at 5:30 p.m. at the Moonstruck Diner, 23rd Street and 9th Avenue, and the party itself starts at 7 p.m. at Paddles. Those attending the munch get a discounted entry fee into Paddles, and I always offer a discounted rate for sessions at Paddles. (Great deal, especially for those exhibitionists walking in our midst.)

I was invited to another party on Saturday known as ClubFem. I’d been wanting to get to this party for months, but kept having conflicts. The organizer said the location wasn’t too far from Paddles, so I decided this time I’d “sneak out” and go see how it was.

It was a nasty night out on Saturday, but at least the rain had stopped and I only had bitter cold to deal with on the walk over. With fewer than five blocks to travel, I simply could not justify taking a cab.

It was worth it. The group was particularly feisty. One lady did a demo on plastic wrap. One might think, “How exciting can wrapping up a sub in plastic wrap be — unless you’re the sub?”

Well, she made it decorative; she turned her “victim” into a green Christmas tree, then strung electric lights on him. All very pretty, yes, but still not so unusual … ah, but then she had other tricks up her sleeve. Let’s just say it wasn’t all wrapping … I learned a new technique that I hope to try on a victim of my own soon, and I’m not going to give you any hints. Sorry for the tease. Come ask me and I’ll show you.

The food was awesome and the “slaves” strutting around in sexy colorful jock straps (just like the picture here) were adorable. I got to spank a good friend, and I had a long conversation with a new and interesting bottom. There may be some hot play in the near future.

Afterward, I returned to Paddles for more debauchery. Sometimes it feels like too much. Sometimes I just feel tired. But then I think — it’s good to be out; it’s good to be seen. I don’t drink or go to “normal” clubs; this is my “clubbing.” This is where I get my drug of choice (spanking.)


  1. Oh, I really love that, um, blue thing she’s wearing. Not sure how to classify it, though. Not a thong. Bottomless panties?


  2. r

    Glade to be considered “a new and interesting bottom” and that “There may be some hot play in the near future.”

  3. Hoppy

    Plastic wrap? Hmmmm, sounds interesting….

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