A few tidbits

First, as noted at right, FetLife is holding a contest through Jan 4 and is giving away over 200 gifts. I signed up for a couple of bondage items plus a corset that I’m craving. Sit on FetLife Santa’s lap.

Secondly, I had an awesome time spanking THREE bad boys yesterday. Hoppy — as always, a pleasure; bad boy James, who had disappointed his mommy (he’s been forgiven); and subtom, who attended the Manhattan Spanking Association party last night. Lucky Tom was treated to not only my discipline, but additional discipline from a surprise guest domme, Miss Mary of NJ. The two of us spanked, paddled, slapped and otherwise tortured the naughty boy for over an hour. Not that I’m complaining, but you guys all wore me out!

Third, also as stated in my latest news, I am going back to California January 15-17. I’m hoping that some of my California fans will take advantage of my visit to schedule discipline sessions. I don’t think I’ll be getting back again after this for quite a while, so think about it. I have a place to play and all you have to do is email me.

In 2010, in addition to Calfornia I will be visiting various places around the U.S. A lot of this will depend upon expressed interest from a particular area. Direct sponsorship is also a possibility, i.e., you arrange for my transportation and lodging in exchange for play.

When I attend a spanking party, I always offer discounts on my private consultations. The two that I KNOW I’m going to this year so far are the Boardwalk Badness Weekend in April 2010 (Atlantic City, NJ), and the Florida Moonshine party in June (Tampa, FL). It’s likely I’ll be at the next Shadow Lane as well.

For New Yorkers, I also offer discounted consulting fees when I play at Paddles NYC. I’m usually there about twice a month, but can make special visits.


  1. Hoppy

    I went for Northbound’s bondage travel kit and a couple of MauiKink’s offerings. Have no idea what I’d do with the stuff if I won….

    Again, I had a wonderful time yesterday! When’s the next contest? Tuesday?

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