Will spank for …

The economy sucks, everyone’s out of work, those who are still working are stretched thin and stressed beyond belief, companies aren’t giving raises, and oddly, everything costs more.

Getting a good discipline session should be a stress reliever, not a source of stress, wouldn’t you agree? It saddens me to think of the bad boys out there and how badly they need to be hauled over someone’s knee (my knee, especially!)

I’m offering, for an indefinite period, ways to session with me without paying. This is for those who have certain skills and/or products I may need. In other words, I am willing to barter for a session. Two rules: a) what you offer has to be something I really need, or a service that benefits me, and b) if you offer a service, it must be something you really know how to do.

Here are some suggestions:

A massage from a professional licensed massage therapist.

Home repair or painting (I need some tile work work done in my bathroom, among other small repairs).

Lessons. I recently exchanged a session for some speech training lessons. Other skills I’m interested in are language lessons, particularly Spanish; website design; martial arts; yoga or Pilates lessons; or dance lessons.

Electronic goods: If you have any of these items and are upgrading to a newer model, I’d like to talk about a trade:
a) Digital camera with a good optical zoom and 10 or 12 megapixels;
b) i-Pod Nano.
c) New GPS for car
d) Macbook

Spanking furniture, such as a padded bench

in addition to the above offer, I’ve already been offering discount rates on play at Paddles NYC.

I charge $50 less there than in a private session, and you don’t have to book for a full hour. (FYI, I will be playing there this Saturday night. Come out and say helllo.)

So, think about this offer. Maybe it’s just what you need. Then email me.


  1. steven

    Depending on the condition of the surface underneath, I can certainly do both plaster and tile work. I can also do carpentry and some other things such as light electrical and plumbing. I also know what i don’t know, so my work will be both safe and clean.

    I have a minor in communication and have done vocal coaching for political campaigns. I have worked as an actor and director as well as teaching American and European accents. I am not sure what you need as to vocal training, but I cold probably help you there too.

  2. george

    Hey! I need help finding spanking furniture, she wants a bench where she is upside down with butt in air. Around Philly? gmurph55@yahoo.com

  3. George, can’t help you there. Maybe you could find someone on FetLife who either makes that or could make it based on your specifications. I’m trying to imagine how it works…

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