A Merry Christmas … and a question

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I spent last night and this morning with my family in S. Jersey; tonight I am back in Queens with my hubby. It was a long day and I’ll be going to sleep soon.

Now we head into the final stretch of the year. I’ve always loved New Year’s Eve as a chance at a fresh start. I usually make resolutions of a sort … but because such things tend to be so difficult to stick to, the last few years I’ve tried to a) not make the changes TOO huge, and b) try to get a jump start on a new habit BEFORE the first of the year.

Is change something that you consider at this time of year? Maybe some of you don’t feel any need to change at all … which is fine — even if you’re “perfect” I’ll still find a reason to spank you!

I haven’t done a contest in a few weeks so here’s the last one of the year: Tell me something you’d like to change about yourself (something that you CAN change), in 50 words or less. Best answer gets a free session, with usual stipulations. You have till next Thursday at midnight.

I’ll start: Some of you all know about my problem with lateness. I want to work on that, along with my procrastination and organizing skills. I suppose this is related, but I also want to be better organized with money; start a budget and really stick to it! There are, of course, other behaviors I’d like to change, some of which may be a little too serious to discuss here.

Let’s hear yours!


Merry Christmas, all.


  1. Andy

    I want to work out twice every week and run half-marathon again in May. Therefore I will schedule time for that in Outlook and I will stick to it just as with my work related meetings. (37 words)

  2. Andy

    I will arrive at work 30 minutes before the first meeting (usually at 09:00) so that I can have something to eat and scan my email before the new work day starts rolling over me. (35 words)

  3. Andy

    I will clean my apartment every Friday within two hours where I stick to the task and do not goof off to other activities. To motivate me I’ll imagine myself over Ms. Cassandra’s knee where she blisters my bottom until I plead to get up and get cleaning. (49 words)

  4. Thanks, Andy. I tell you, setting goals is a challenge. This morning I am already running late. II needed to write, but this is what happens. TTYL!

  5. Hoppy

    I would like to get back on the bicycle a few times a week to shed an extra 30+ pounds.

    (Lateness problem? I had no idea!)

  6. Andy

    > I tell you, setting goals is a challenge.

    No kidding … ;-)
    If you want to be serious with goals and not just some general resolution then I suggest (what you might know from work) SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

    > This morning I am already running late.

    It won’t be the last time that you’re late. I hope that you don’t have the goal “never ever to be late to anything”. That would not be very “Attainable” or “Realistic” or “Timely”.

    I like your Blog and I’m glad that you frequently find the time to post. Just wanted to tell you that your writing is appreciated.

  7. Hoppy — i also have an issue with forgetfulness. I keep hoping other people will forget my past transgressions!

    Andy — never say never! Well, glad you like the blog. But that’s one of those goals. Much as I’ve wanted to, my plans to write SOMETHING every day always seem to fall flat. I believe that it’s a S.M.A.R.T. goal, but something gets in the way. So if I say, “Realistically, I am not going to do this,:” that seems like I’m giving up before I even start.

  8. I will lose weight.

    I am not setting a specific goal, or anything. Just, I will lose weight.

  9. allen

    I want to, and need to, and WILL lose about 50 lbs. Also, attend more to neatnesss at home.
    I just joined a gym.

  10. frank

    Ms Park ,, my change will be to finally deal with the inner urge to be a bottom and finally submit to that no holds barred paddling . I have thought about this and hope this will win your strap 38 words

  11. Mike

    When I write an article, I always write more words than what the editor wants. I usually end up writing it two or three times to trim it down to the limit. While I hate counting spanks, perhaps one for every word over the limit will help me get it right the first time.

    See, that’s four words over the limit already, and I’m just getting wound up. ;)

  12. Andy

    Next year I will be spanked more. I will have a warm and some bottom more often than 2009. I will have more sex and due to all this and what’s related I will become more happy and satisfied. (40 words)

  13. Hoppy

    and maybe mastubate a bit less…. (still under 50 words)

  14. Hoppy

    and check my spelling before hitting enter.

  15. Steven

    I daydream childishly when things bore me, so I procrastinate about tasks and goals I don’t like. Worst of all, I knowingly give myself flimsy excuses. I need your help because I deserve a good, strict disciplinary spanking to clear my head and encourage me to do as I should.

  16. Hoppy wrote “and check my spelling before hitting enter”

    Yes – same for me …

    Steven wrote “I daydream [..] so I procrastinate about tasks and goals I don’t like. Worst of all, I knowingly give myself flimsy excuses. I need your help because I deserve a good, strict disciplinary spanking to clear my head and encourage me to do as I should.”

    Sounds very familiar. I’m not sure if I would have been able to put in words so nicely but I feel the same. Very much the same – *sight*

  17. > You have till next Thursday at midnight

    Deadline passed – now waiting for the verdict :-)

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