Contacting me … some reminders

I feel I must remind certain someones who follow me about the best ways to connect with me. (Number one, it is not hard to connect with me; I’m very active and all over the scene — any given first Saturday I’m usually at PaddlesNYC)

However, I do have to repeat some of which is written on my “Contact me” page:

1. My Gmail ( is the most efficient way to reach me. If you are on your way to meet me, obviously email won’t work — phoning and texting then is best. At that point, it’s fine because we’ve already made contact and exchanged numbers.

2. If I don’t recognize a phone number, or if it’s private, I don’t pick up the phone at all. During the day, when I’m working my vanilla job, I usually don’t have the phone turned on. There are rare exceptions when I’ve made arrangements to talk with someone at a certain time. I really prefer you don’t call if you and I haven’t talked via email or IM first. But if you have some legitimate reason that you can’t email, please leave a message with some description of what you’re seeking and some way to call you back. A long list of unrecognized phone numbers in “recent calls,” with no corresponding voice mails, does not help.

3. Even after my normal working hours, I don’t always have the phone turned on because I’m on the bus, I’m in the subway (I have a long commute), I’m in a consulting session, or I’m with my husband or friends. On the bus, I can and do frequently check emails from my phone.

4. I respond to emails as soon as possible, but that might not be until later in the evening or the next day. I don’t check private emails from my work computer. I sometimes check them on cell phone during the day, or I’ll go down to a shared computer in my building where I’m able to access nearly everything.

5. About IMs. When I’m on IM, a few times a week, I will do my best to chat with you. I ask everyone who’s new to START with an email to me, briefly explaining who they are, what they are looking for in a Dom, etc. Then I’ll know a little bit about him and won’t have to take up too much time during the IM itself.

6. One more thing about IMs. If we IM repeatedy, and you say more than one time that you want to come see me yet never actually make an appointment, it IS noted and your IMs become time wasters. Sorry for sounding cold, boys, but this is a professional site. Much as I love to spank, I have extremely limited time.

If you say you need a spanking and you want to see me, then COME SEE ME! Schedule an appointment, make a deposit, and get ready to go over my knee for some good old-fashioned discipline. Otherwise, please find someone else who can give you what you need.

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  1. Steven

    I visited Ms. Cassandra for a long overdue spanking that concerned procrastination. She wastes no time when she is ready to spank and I was soon gently but firmly reduced to a small boy facing a very large spoon, a strap and a belt all preceded by her incredibly able hand. I was in tears. It was exactly the spanking I needed and dreaded I would get. It certainly worked though. I have been on time ever since! Most of all, she is a very kind, good-hearted person who will see to it that your behind remembers your visit for at least a few days and perhaps more.

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