No one to thrash…

Last night at Paddles was okay, but a little “light.” I had some guys wanting to play with me, but unfortunately only one seemed able to take the type of spanking I like to give. The rest, I think, were more into being controlled. One guy wanted to be put into the cage, the big standing “birdcage” near the back area of Paddles. I was going to make him get naked for additional humiliation but he wouldn’t do it. I cuffed him in place and left him for about 15 minutes. Afterward, I wanted to do a little more with him so I took him out, placed a collar with rings around his neck, then hooked my finger through one of the rings and led him through the club toward the side room, where there’s another cage. I opened the door, made him crawl in and then shut it behind him (he wasn’t locked in for real, but he was cuffed and might have had trouble getting the door open).

Afterward, since I’d indulged his fetish, I told him he would have to indulge mine and take a little pain. He didn’t say no, so I proceeded. I went easy on him and ONLY used one leather paddle plus my hand. He wasn’t a pain slut. (but then again, making him take it was more satisfying as a result.)

Still, I was vaguely discontent. The scene, and another couple scenes I did, were fine, but I really wanted to thrash somebody good last night. I had my thick leather strap, canes, a bath brush, dressage whip, lots more. I finally met one young man who was up for a spanking … and could take it. Now HE was fun. I was able to wallop his behind for quite some time, AND use the wooden hairbrush, before he seemed struggle at all.

Maybe soon things will pick up a bit. And I think next time there’s a certain someone (I think I know who you are) who WILL get that thrashing.


  1. Andy

    > I had my thick leather strap, canes,
    > a bath brush, dressage whip, lots more

    I’d volunteer my bare bottom in a second – only to regret it some minutes after – but I’d be so happy with a sore backside for the next week or so.

    I’m surely not a pain slut but I’m still so much into spanking :-)

  2. I didn’t mean to to imply that the others weren’t fun in their own way. It’s just that I like to dish it out hard sometimes…

  3. James Charles

    You do indeed like to dish it out hard…which can be exquisite for a certain receiver…..uh, like me!

  4. Exquisite, perhaps, but I’d wager it doesn’t always feel that way WHILE it’s happening! Remember, James Charles, certain someones have EARNED their punishments…

  5. James Charles

    Who? Me? I’m an angel…with wings, really I am!

  6. James Charles

    Can I interest you in a bridge?

  7. bobbi

    Oh I will be there for you tonight dear Ms. Park. At OTK for your pleasure, my pain. I will report to you and tell you of my session with dear Miss Chris who you introduced me to, for which I am eternally grateful!

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