New Year contest winner

For my recent contest, I asked you all what you hoped to change in the new year. I received several responses from those who want to lose weight and work out more. I can identify; this is always on my mind especially this holiday season, when I overindulged a few times(!)

But I have decided that the most creative answer was Steven’s:
“I daydream childishly when things bore me, so I procrastinate about tasks and goals I don’t like. Worst of all, I knowingly give myself flimsy excuses. I need your help because I deserve a good, strict disciplinary spanking to clear my head and encourage me to do as I should.”

I can identify completely! I am at one of those offices that are understaffed due to layoffs, so there’s been more and more things added to my plate that I resent doing (not to mention that annoying little pay freeze that’s still in place.) So I, too, tend to procrastinate. Oh, I get the job done, but grudgingly at times.

Steven wins an hour session with me, whenever we can arrange it. (Email me, please)

Runner-up; half-hour session winner: I hadn’t planned on naming a “runner-up,” but I also liked Mike’s answer: “When I write an article, I always write more words than what the editor wants. I usually end up writing it two or three times to trim it down to the limit. While I hate counting spanks, perhaps one for every word over the limit will help me get it right the first time.”

Since I’m an editor, and I’m constantly having to deal with long-winded writers, I think I’m going to have to see Mike and have a little discussion about this. (And I’m being completely fair because I’ve also worked as a writer!)

A reminder about the rules of my contests: You must cover the costs of the play space, since I don’t have my own place. If you wish to play at your home, office or hotel, I’ll need scene references to vouch for you. I can also play with you at a scene party or club.

Keep checking the website for where I’ll be next. In January I’ll be at Paddles NYC on Jan. 9, and at the Strictly Spanking NY party on Jan. 23. MAY be at Texas All-State in March, and definitely will be at SSNY’s weekend party in Atlantic City in April.

Look forward to giving the winners their “prizes”!


  1. bill

    hello cassandra . just came across your site ! looks great ! . I wish I could be over your knees getting spanked , but I’m out of a job ! no money . interesting question : when you’re “pulling down the pants ” for discipline , do you prefer briefs or boxer shorts ?

  2. James Charles

    I have often wondered whether every woman feels the way most of the women I have known do…They were all in great shape but they did not see themselves that way…always worried about putting on weight and such…No matter how many times i told them how beautiful I felt they were it was like they never really believed me

  3. bill

    #1 waiting for an answer ! if I would be so slow, I would get a good spanking ! how come you’re allowed ?

  4. i don’t know, maybe because it’s my website and I was busy? If you want to come spank me, make an appointment.

    In answer to your question, I like boxer briefs.

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