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A memory from my trip to Burbank last Saturday (it COULDN’T have been just one week ago, could it?). The bad boy in question, J., really did need it that hard — sometimes it’s the only thing that will get through. He took it well, allowed me to snap some pics afterward and here are the results. Oh, yes, I loved thrashing this beautiful behind. mmm. Hope to see you again soon, J.

I’d like to get back to California again soon. I don’t know if I can do it without a sponsor or some consulting appointments lined up. I’m also wanting to go to Vegas, and perhaps the Texas All-State Party in March. If anyone wishes to sponsor me for future travel (in exchange for play, of course) please let me know. Major cities preferred. This includes switch play as well, remember. Ask anyone — I can take it as hard as I give it out, most of the time.

Last night I had the pleasure of spanking another wonderful bottom, M., who told me of his dirty little fantasies involving sneaking into a neighbor’s panty drawer when he was a youth — his friend’s mother. The mother in question liked to walk around and tease him when he visited, wearing just panties and one of her husband’s white button-down dress shirts. So I re-enacted that scenario and wore exactly that, while I chastised him for the audacity of entering not only my room but my panty stash. Oh, at one point I made him put on my panties. I had strongly suspected he was doing more than just LOOK through the drawers, and I was right — he had tried on my panties and then PUT THEM BACK in my drawer. Disgusting, wouldn’t you say?

But he paid for it, got a good walloping on the bare bottom, and a strapping, and all is now forgiven. I did tell him if he wanted to look through my panty drawer in the future, he could, but would have a price to pay. (evil laugh).

On a side note, I gotta say, it’s SO simple and comfortable to wear panties and a white men’s shirt — vs. garters, heels, something silky/leathery/lacy, etc. Not that I don’t like garters, lace and silk!! Keep the domestic fantasies coming!

SSNY party tonight. I’m filming with Ms. Holly on Tuesday, so at tonight’s party I will mostly be topping, to avoid any marks.


  1. Steven

    I have to say that the idea of a white man’s shirt and panties is absolutely intoxicating especially on you. The thought of being over your knee for a good spanking with you in that outfit gives me genuine shortness of breath. I used to live in Kansas which can be very hot. I remember a lady who used to cook in her kitchen in a light cotton halter top, panties and a little apron when I was about 13. How amazing it was to watch her from a discrete distance through the screen doors, especially when she would stir something vigorously in a large bowl. I always wished she had caught me looking at her and spanked me for it until I could not sit. I had forget all about her. My my…she was very pretty.

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