Dispatch from Burbank

Greetings from sunny Southern California! I’m having a fabulous time, and already got to discipline one very good/bad boy yesterday.

“J.” said he needed a caning and was kind enough to bring the implements of his doom to me, allowing me to avoid the hassles of flying with canes. (Short canes that fit into your suitcase just aren’t enough, wouldn’t you agree?)

The poor lad also brought an array of paddles. I only used one or two, along with one or two of my toys, saving the canes for the main event. However, he did have to suffer a bit under a brisk paddling before we returned to the canes.

Sometimes you just KNOW you have to go a little further than usual. This was one of those occasions and the caning was, I thought, severe. J. promises to send pics later of my ministrations. I hope he can still feel and see the results today, and that I did a thorough enough job … yes, J.?

Yesterday, thanks to another “J.” in NYC, I was able to visit the Magic Castle in L.A. I had not heard of this place and it was so much fun. All kinds of magic shows all over the place, plus dinner if you want and drinks and/or dessert. In addition to the official ‘shows,’ there are wandering magicians performing. I’m not hard to impress, but some of these guys went above and beyond impressing me.

I was with the Dom I will be playing with tonight, and his lovely wife who’s also a Dom. It was a great opportunity to get to know them a little better.

This afternoon, I’ll be doing pedicure/manicure and maybe a haircut. Also meeting a Shadow Lane friend for lunch.

I’ll still have some time this afternoon and evening for a last-minute discipline scene, but you’ll need to contact me soon. Text and or phone messages okay this afternoon, or you can email as usual. If you need to reach me today, please do not contact me via comments here, as it will take too long to see them and respond (thanks)

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