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I’m fooling around with new templates; i thought this one looked “cleaner” and less cluttered than what I’d been using. When I get some time I’ll see how to put a pic on top.

Last week was very busy. Played with a variety of bad boys in private, in addition to the one I topped on Saturday night at the PaddlesNYC OTK party. Each has his own particular way of approaching his “need,” which keeps it all interesting and lively — but also means I do a lot of gear-shifting.

First bottom asked me to play his angry wife, who’s had it up to HERE with him not helping around the house. He’s unemployed and she’s the high-powered executive. He’s agreed to be the house husband for a while, but he doesn’t meet his obligations and also isn’t sending out resumes. I think this type of play, where I’m simply angry, is hot. I can really let loose with the strap or hairbrush or paddle; I can use verbal humiliation, etc.

Next scene was a bad boy/Mommy scenario. This one is a little more delicate, emotionally, because I’m playing the “caring, loving” mom who just happens to need to thrash the bejesus out of her perpetually misbehaving offspring. In a way the play itself is not a whole lot different from the angry wife play, but there is a lot more soothing and comforting afterward — more aftercare.

The third session, the one at Paddles, was a caning. A man who’s just recently started coming to our munches and to the play parties is a fan of the cane. Myself, i love giving the cane, having felt it and knowing how different a head space it can bring you into, as opposed to a strap or a paddle. So i simply caned him. No role play, no lecture or scolding. He was quite stoic, so i could go pretty hard on him. It was gratifying to seem him floating in subspace, and his blissful smile when he eventually stood up from the bench.

The last scene was just two nights ago. This one a role play of a fantasy community where women are in charge and men receive corporal punishment for their crimes. My sub had been caught drunk-driving and was coming to me, The Punisher, to carry out his sentence. When he showed up bearing evidence that he’d imbibed in another substance on the way (he was supposed to be of sound mind while the punishment was carried out), i immediately informed him that there would be extra strokes added to his penalty. I then tied him down to a bench and proceeded to use my hairbrush, strap and tawse — coldly and severely. I loved watching him squirm and hearing him yelp, but i eventually shoved his underwear into his mouth to quiet him down. We ended with 50 strokes of my wooden bath brush. Harsh, yes, but he seemed one happy boy later as we slipped out of the role and back into reality.


  1. I agree – the new template is less cluttered. Now all you need are some more photos!

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