Baking bread and other domestic stuff

I had a largely domestic day with hubby, did little else beyond sit around and read, surf the internet, and finally go food shopping. Now I’m baking bread. I am cheating by using frozen dough, but I’ve added my own ingredients, including sun-dried tomatoes, onions and cheese. It’ll either be incredibly yummy or a large lump of hard dough we’ll have to force down our gullets. Please pray it’s the former. After dinner, I’m taking a long bath and then retiring early.

Speaking of domestic, I wanted to say that it continues to be a favorite of mine to play with a man who’s reenacting something from his youth — a fantasy about a neighbor that he once had a crush on, or the mom that he never had. A lot of the men who express this want (and need) the severe punishment that these idealized women dole out in their fantasies. Usually the inspiration for the fantasy, the actual woman, never spanked them. Sometimes they tell me they witnessed or overheard their childhood friend getting spanked, or saw their sister get it, or were themselves threatened without a follow-through. And it seems to stay with them their whole lives; thinking about it turns them on.

I’ve had requests to wear various outfits to match some of these dream ladies. One recent client of mine, M., asked that I wear a white men’s button-down shirt, my own panties, and nothing else. (Talk about comfortable!) Another gentleman requested I wear a bathing suit, specifically a one-piece. I didn’t own a one-piece at the time so as I went shopping I kept in mind that his fantasy neighbor was probably someone he knew circa 1960s or 1970s — maybe even earlier. I found a one-piece that seemed very conservative (AKA boring), but was perfect for the fantasy look we were going for.

One theme that runs through all of these scenes is that the women is strict but nice. She delivers a very hard punishment, then she forgives the “boy,” then she holds him. She makes him feel brave for taking his punishment and makes sure he knows that she still cares for him.

I haven’t quite figured out these two roles and how they go together. I do know that I like to do both — I like to be very firm and strict with the boys. Not that many will cry, but I don’t mind when they do. I like to dish out the pain — I know how much they need it, and I simply ENJOY it, watching their reactions. And, just as much, I like the aftercare. I don’t know, it doesn’t make any sense, but I feel close to someone after I punish him. I want to nurture him at that point.


  1. Steven

    I have had just such a spanking from Ms. Cassandra, and let me tell you, she means what she says. I was tender for a week after she applied her hand, a strap and my belt to my bottom, but I also got the attention and reassurance that I did not get when I was a child. Back then I got spanked hard quite often but there was no aftercare. As a switch, I find that even though I enjoy giving a really good spanking and seeing the reactions as well as the results, it also gives me equal pleasure to praise and comfort the person I spank. Ms. Cassandra may say she finds this confusing, but there is no confusion whatever in her mind when she decides to be “Mom” and give you a spanking you won’t forget. You won’t.

  2. Mike

    You could have been reading my mind (or some of my posts on forums here and there) in regard to having spanking fantasies that never happened in real life, but might have. In my “spankable” years, spankings were threatened, my friends and cousins told me of spankings, they had received, there were stories about teachers who spanked, though I maintained unspanked myself.

    In sessions as an adult, I’ve replayed the childhood and school scenes and had the spanking I never got when I might have actually deserved it. Today I prefer to play out scenes as an adult, with a neighbor, a co-worker, or supervisor. I usually request that my spanker wear an outfit that’s appropriate for the scene we’re playing, usually a slip, which takes me back to the “vintage spankings” I never had.

    When playing the youngster, there was almost always a hug and cuddle at the end of the spanking, with classic words like “I know that hurt, but now it’s over and I know you’ll be a good boy from now on.” In adult-adult scenes, it’s usually a “let’s still be friends” hug, but either way, it seems to go hand-in-hand with a spanking.

    How did the bread turn out? Your photo looks like a science fair project in progress.

  3. Mike, I know everyone’s different, and many who seek discipline HAVE had it as a child but the continuation as an adult helps them in various ways. It’s a relief from day-to-day stress, from having to make decisions, and in some small way an atonement for some things. (I DON’T think spanking really relieves one of guilt if they’ve done something really bad, but for small human weaknesses like getting angry, procrastinating or overeating, it can help one to try harder next time.)

    The bread was not so great. It tasted good, but the texture was a bit too chewy. I think I’ll do it from scratch next time. My mom used to bake this cinnamon bread that was incredible. Wonder if she still has the recipe…

  4. Steven

    I think whether the fantasy takes the form of adult or childhood, the real issue is that you have an exceptional ability to read and control me at least long before the spanking begins. i think that is the source of the comfort and nurturing in your spankings even though they hurt incredibly. It’s also why they are effective with small habits and behaviors that could be controlled but the person needs the force of the spanking to make the decision to control them. I would strongly agree that if you are truly guilty of something as an adult, a spanking will not expiate that. You need to deal with the injured party to make amends, not just be punished for doing it.

  5. Steven, I think you’re right, and to expand on that, even though it’s a “punishment,” the idea of someone caring about you and wanting you to do better is behind it. Often (obviously I can’t speak for everyone) the spankee wants to please the spanker by trying to improve his behavior. If he falls short, he feels guilty, but the pain helps alleviate the negative feelings he may be carrying about himself, and the nurturing and forgiveness afterward helps him to know that he’s okay.

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