Places to go…

Here are links to some upcoming events I’m either definitely attending or THINKING of attending. Consider joining in the fun. If we haven’t met, introduce yourself!

Friday: Predicament Bondage demo at Paddles:

Saturday: OTK munch and party (RSVP, please!)

Feb. 14: Impact: Looking for intelligent, attractive submissive to accompany me

Feb. 18: Friends Tasha and Yoni’s production of “The Flaming of the Shrew” at CineKink

Feb. 21: Hollywood Spanking Group party (Not going this time; wish I were!)

March 5: Le Trample Foot Fetish party, NYC. I’m seeking an intelligent, attractive sub — who knows how to give a proper foot rub — to accompany me.

If you’re interested in attending any of the events above where I’m seeking a partner, please write me at Send a pic. We could have a lot of fun!! (Oh, yes — it helps if you can take a decent amount of pain & punishment)


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