Philadelphia this weekend

Don’t quite understand why the post I wrote a day or two ago (about my Southeastern Woodshed shoot), ended up BELOW the two older posts I wrote. It was supposed to be on the top!

Anyhow, I’ll figure that out later (or not). I’m trying to relax and regroup this week before my next project, this coming Saturday’s shoot with Punished Brats. Pixie is calling on me to top in several different scenarios. It should be lots of fun, but i can imagine it will be hard work, as well. This’ll be my real test; can I maintain my authority throughout?

As mentioned in the news notes on the right, I am hoping to dish out some private discipline in Philly this weekend as well. If you’re in need, please let me know and reserve a spot as soon as you can.

I may also make an appearance at The Spankuary, a new club opening this Friday in Philadelphia. See the RSVP and event info on Fetlife.

I’ll stay in Philadelphia till Sunday night if there’s interest; otherwise, I’m driving back to NY and going to Impact on Sunday night. Maybe I’ll see some of you there.

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