Philly trip cut short

I did six short videos with Punished Brats in Philadelphia yesterday, an interesting experience, to say the least. I am very, very sore — yes, I know it’s hard to take a spanking, but dishing out six spankings within a very short amount of time is work, too! I loved the girls, they were all very good at what they did, and adorable. I hope to write more details about this soon, but just want to say I am very grateful to David and Pixie for allowing me this opportunity.

Don’t worry, boys, I still love spanking you, and I’m working real hard to find ways to make movies of myself spanking some very bad boys. I have one friend who CAN appear on camera who has expressed interest. Anyone who’s interested in taking part — this won’t be happening right away because I don’t have the equipment or a place to do it, but we are moving forward and have some ideas. I’ll likely do film a few short films and sell them through Clips4Sale since I can keep them reasonably priced that way. I’m not looking to make a lot of money, but want to get some hot, exciting material out there and cover my costs. Let me know if you can be filmed, the degree of severity you can take (what implements you’re willing to take), etc.

Now, to the matter of the day. I did not stay down in Philly last night as originally planned because one of my two cats is very very sick. After I got back to NY last night and we had dinner, my husband (who had been observing him all day) and I finally decided to take him to the animal hospital. He is there now and it does not look good. We’ll have to cancel some trips as a result; I had been hoping to go to either Chicago or Boston in March.

UPDATE: As those of you who follow me on Twitter or read my other blog already know, we had to let my cat Rocky slip away this afternoon around 3 p.m. He was rapidly deteriorating (kidneys) and there was not much left to do. I will miss him terribly; I’ve had him for 16 years.


  1. James Charles

    Ma’am, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your pet…It sounds as if you are extremely devoted, which does not surprise me. ooxx, JC

  2. Thanks so much, James. Rocky was really an awesome kitty, and yes, I was very devoted, but he was very devoted to me (or was he just needy?) — I think he saw me as his mommy.

  3. tom

    sorry about you kitty cat mam love your videos yes ican be flimed and i want too be in you videos please is your trip to chicago still on

  4. James Charles

    Gee Ma’am… I guess Rocky & I have a lot in common!…I will try to not show how needy I am! JC

  5. John

    Hi Sandy, I was just passing time surfing the web when I stumbled across your blog. I am sooo sorry to hear about you pet. 16 years is a very long time, and they really do become part of the family. I have such a weak spot for pets, and when ever something like that happens to one of mine, I am a wreck for weeks! Rocky was very lucky to have you to care for him all those years, so try and think of all the joy and happiness you had together.

  6. otk_spanko

    Ms. C, please accept my condolences on the loss of Rocky. May your many wonderful memories of time spent with him help to balance the sorrow that you are feeling right now.


  7. Thanks so much, John. I spent time cuddling with the other cat this morning — he’s almost 17 and I love him just as much — but they both have such unique personalities. One of the things i might have mentioned was how quiet the house was now. Rocky “talked” constantly. Buster, oddly, seems to be getting noisier. My husband thinks he is taking on some of Rocky’s characteristics. Who knows? We are not ready to talk about a new kitten yet.

  8. Hey, B. I appreciate that. Rocky was the best orange kitty ever, as I’ve written! Hope life is going well for you. Let’s get together soon, compare notes.

  9. Steven

    I am very sorry to hear about Rocky. I lost Mehitabel last September after 18 years and it is a big hole in my family of furry companions. I still have two dogs. Animals can be such wonderful companions and friends. You feel their absence deeply.

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