Hiding a bit

Hope you guys have been behaving. I haven’t been. I’ve been isolating a bit, overbooking myself (some of which was unavoidable work stuff, and some of which was BS), and procrastinating. My writing chops seem non-existent at the moment; I’m working my way through READING a stack of 10 books and I hope at the end of this saturation of writing styles that something will appear in my mind and flow back out onto the written page. But I have to write something, even if it is just news: The biggest news of the day:

Worked with Punished Brats on February 13; you can now see my previews here. Punished Brats/Pixie’s Previews. I also got a CD in the mail today of the entire day’s shoot, which consisted of myself, Punished Brats co-owner David Pierson, head brat Pixie (also co-owner of Punished Brats) and adorable guest brats Ten and Carissa.

I was cringing at first, watching myself. I kept saying, “I needed to enunciate there!” But overall, I thought the clips looked good. The women were all terrific and looked fabulous.

Don’t forget I also have clips for sale with Ms. Holly ofSoutheastern Woodshed

Will someone please help me make some F/m videos? Several have asked about me doing this and I haven’t figure out where or how or with whom. I’ll get around to doing it myself one of these days, but at the moment, I’m not set up for that. I want to do it for content on my website here, but if anyone wants to go in on this and split the profits, I’m open to suggestions.


  1. > Hope you guys have been behaving.

    Well – so, so …

    > I’ve been isolating a bit,

    I surey noticed!

    > overbooking myself (some of which was
    > unavoidable work stuff, and some of which
    > was BS), and procrastinating.

    Sounds almost as if you’re human ;-)
    Pleas don’t be too hard on yourself.

    > Worked with Punished Brats

    I saw some pictures – really nice.

    > Will someone please help me make some
    > F/m videos?

    That would be a dream come true.

    But then – I don’t want to show myself on video and therefore can’t help you :-(

    Sad, pretty sad …

  2. Mike

    What’s up with F/M spanking videos anyway? Seems like new material is getting rarer and rarer. Seems like most of the new videos coming out that feature female spankers are all F/F. I suppose that’s what sells, or perhaps women who spank men tend to be fairly private and simply don’t want to appear on video (for the same reasons as a lot of guys who like to get spanked).

    I was a bit surprised at a recent discussion on Max Fisch about Spankingtube.com in which a few of my usually faithful F/M OTK spanking enthusiasts said they particularly enjoyed the wealth of F/F videos there. Some new F/M spanking videos would be welcome.

    What’s holding you up? Looking for a commercial producer with funding? I’ll bet that’s tough.

    Perhaps you could get a co-op project going where you could do a “who’s who” of NYC area spankers, most of whom have never appeared, at least as tops, in videos. A couple who I’d like to see in action are Ms. Marwood, Chloe, maybe Holly since she still visits the NY area a few times a year, and of course you.

  3. The preview looked good. You sure spanked the girls hard, even with just your hand, as their red bottoms attest!

    I wish I could help you produce those videos, but among other difficulties I’m not in the NY area. I’ve been thinking about getting into video anyway, but there are lots of obstacles (incorporation, liability) etc. as I’m sure you’re aware. Although my own taste remains staunchly M/F, the advantage of F/M is that I’m sure I could find some male subs in Chicago who would gladly work with you for no money (they’d be getting a free session, after all), which as it happens is exactly what I can afford to pay!

    Like Mike, I’ve often wondered about the relative popularity of F/F spanking videos among males. I think it’s because there are two distinct groups who together add up to a sizable population: (1) male subs who identify easily with a female sub; and (2) voyeuristic males of all orientations who may not identify with either Top or Bottom so much but just get off on watching. This second group would be analogous to the male “vanilla” audience that demands Lesbian scenes in straight porn – and there are a lot of those (I think).

    So what kind of writing is it that you do, Sandy? I’d like to suggest an exercise that might loosen you up a bit and be fun for everyone: why don’t you write a little narrative about a session that you really enjoyed? Give us some juicy details about why you enjoyed the session (or just part of it). This will provide you some practice with descriptive facility and at the same time make you probe more deeply into your subject matter. Tell us about your thoughts as you aimed the paddle or lined up the cane on the target with anticipation! (Or how your alter-ego felt on the other side). Just a suggestion.

  4. For me, it’s finding a place to play and a male sub who can show his face. I can borrow a camera. One camera will be enough at first, I can get fancier later on.

    I’ve seen some videos on Spanking Tube where both the top and the bottom hide their faces. Headless spankings really are not appealing. If the sub HAS to be anonymous, it’s workable. I suppose I could even be all right with it since I’m not doing multiple camera angles. But I’d prefer to see the face.

  5. Mike

    I, too, don’t like headless actors in either role, but spanking videos that show little more than the “target area” don’t do anything for me. Masks or hoods may have their place in certain scenes, but to me, the look just plain silly in a spanking video.

    While I used to think that anyone who saw me in a video (or at a spanking party) would be part of the culture and there’s no way the association could have any bearing on my vanilla life, today there’s too great an opportunity for these things to get beyond the target audience and I’m more cautious about who might recognize me in what could be considered a compromising activity. So if I were to be in one of your videos, I wouldn’t want to show my face directly. That just makes identification too easy.

    Personally I don’t put a lot of value on seeing the spankee’s face in a video – I don’t really care who he is and I don’t really get off on the screaming and pleading head shots. If there’s a pre-spanking discussion, unless it’s a really creative role play, gnerally the discussion is pretty much one-sided (most of us don’t care to hear lengthly stammering excuses from the one for whom the spanking is inevitable) so it’s not unreasonable to focus the camera on the spanker.

    When watching a spanking video, particularly one produced by an active professional disciplinarian, one from whom I might some day actually receive a spanking, I want to know what she looks like. There doesn’t need to be a fashion show, but I want to be able to put myself in place of the spankee. If she’s lecturing me or discussing my behavior, I want to see her talking. I want to see her evil grin when she gets a significant response from the spankee.

    So, I guess I have a double standard about this. I can at least partially justify it for the professional disciplinarian, however, because a good video can be a good promo. Someone like me can see it and say “I’d like to have a session with her.” But if I don’t get a full picture I might say “whoever she is, she gives a good spanking, but maybe she’s really ugly.”

    I understand, however, that pros have, or may in the future have, a vanilla life in which being clearly indentified in a spanking video may be a problem. So it’s a tough call.

  6. Mike, you take a good spanking and you’ve got a nice ass (if I may say so) so if we could film, that would be awesome. You could very easily be anonymous. What parties will you be at over the next few months? I’m going to Boardwalk Badness Weekend in April, Florida Moonshine in June and Shadow Lane over Labor Day weekend.

  7. Mike

    My ass thanks you for the complement, but are you sure you’re thinking of the right Mike? Though I have an IOU for a half hour from one of your contests, we’ve never done a scene together. Perhaps you were watching when Miss Chris spanked me at Paddles OTK night a couple of months back. I thought you had disappeared to another party by then.

    I’ve pretty much decided that those big weekend parties just aren’t right for me. I’ve long been curious about how spanking videos are made, though, aside from setting up a camera and letting ‘er rip. Maybe we can work something out sometime, somewhere though.

    I know that Shadow Lane videos are pretty big production projects with a real crew, and it really shows in the final product. You’ve worked with Holly before. How does she do it? I’ve only seen her sample clips, not a full length video. I know there’s plenty of call for YouTube quallity videos, but being a sort of professional in a sort of related field, if I’m involved, I’d like to do better.

  8. I thought you were a Mike from the West Coast. Where do you live? You were at an OTK night? That must have been in December.

    A fully produced video does cost money. Ms. Holly’s got a great photographer (who’s a professional switch as well — Miss Tori –and I love her work, but we need someone else.

    Hope we can meet soon.

  9. Mike

    I’m the Mike from the DC area. Last OTK night I attended was the one the night after an SSNY party (I didn’t attend SSNY). I sat next to you at the Moonstruck Diner and we talked a little about writing and editing, among other things.

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