Topping with syle

Thanks, Hoppy, for the new riding crop (from a real tack shop, too — woo hoo!) Hoppy gave me the leather carpet beater, too, and both were used on him last weekend. Please do not take this as my fishing for gifts (I have PLENTY of toys with which to thrash you), but if you DO bring a toy to a session I will gladly use it on you … oh, perhaps harder than you fantasized about, but that’s not MY problem (hee hee hee).

I wrote the other day about play styles, mostly about the different desires of the subs who ask me to top them. MY style fluctuates. Some days I feel like a “service top,” where I’m simply listening to what a man says he needs and doing my best to give him that. Other days I’m doing what pleases me. Some subs tell me they want to do “whatever pleases you, Mistress.” (I don’t really like to be called “Mistress” — I prefer “Ma’am” — so they’re already behind the curve on that one!) Still, even if a guy says this, if what pleases me does not ultimately please him, he will walk away and never seek me out again.

With some subs maybe that’s for the best (LOL) but really, I hope I leave a sore-but-satisfied customer at the end of a session. I would like to give a good, scary spanking, strapping, paddling — one that leaves red, purple, yellowish-brown mementos. I would like to get tough and yell a little. On some days, I would like to make a guy kneel, and then push his face down into the carpet with my foot on his neck, his naked butt raised and ready for whatever I choose to deliver.

And then some other days I just like to be cruelly kind, take an adult “little boy” over my knee and spank him lovingly, occasionally squeezing his shoulders or rubbing his neck or hair, giving him comfort on top while the pain intensifies below. “You know you’ve earned this, young man,” I may say. “I was very unhappy with your behavior. I need you to take this punishment so that your behavior is not repeated.”

I think if I had a guy to top right this minute, as I’m sitting here about to get some REAL writing done, I would have him bound over my coffee table. I would have one or two very scary toys out (something very thuddy, something very sharp) and I would use them periodically. I would move over to the couch with my laptop and rest my slippered feet on his back while I wrote. Perhaps I would insert a plug into his bottom hole and hold in in place with one of my own thongs.

I would release him so he could get me coffee, make me lunch or massage my feet, and then I would put him back into position. After I’d gotten a satisfying amount of writing done, I would reward him with my full attention. I would make him take off the thong and put it in his mouth. Perhaps I would shove it ALL the way in and cover it with a piece of duct tape. I would place a pillow under his midsection to elevate his bottom. Then I would take the first of the implements and begin to punish him with it. I would beat him until I saw him writhing in his restraints, moaning not with pleasure but with real pain. The pink glow on his bottom would turn crimson, and then even darker. His thighs would be punished as well and he would jump and struggle. Little yelps and squeals would emerge from under his gag.

This would turn me on. This would make me want to keep going. It might be a while until I felt satisfied. Finally, I would let him rest for a minute. Then I would pick up the other implement.

I imagine a thick green shoot I’d just cut that morning from a tree outside. I would re-check his restraints. I would take another piece of rope and wrap it a few times around his waist and the coffee table to more solidly secure him. It would be SUCH a turn-on to see him pleading with me with his eyes. Of course there would be no mercy.


  1. Hoppy

    I had a wonderful time,Ma’am, and I even have a few of those “red, purple, yellowish-brown mementos” you mentioned to show for it! Incidentally, don’t expect me to ever give you a baseball bat….

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