Help me help a friend

North Jersey was hit with extreme flood damage from the storms last weekend, and my friends, the kinky actors and writers Tasha and Yoni, suffered major flood damage to their apartment. Tasha is known in the community for her play “Euphoric Tendencies,” and more recently she wrote the the spanking book Hot Crossed Buns.

They also operate the film company Bum Rap Productions, and their spanking film The Flaming of the Shrew was featured in 2010 CineKink NY Film Festival. On top of all that (don’t ask me how they find the time), they run the Crimson Moon spanking parties in Chicago.

Now Tasha is asking for help; they lost a lot. “We got hit hard and our entire first floor got flooded. Our first floor contains our bedroom, our office and the storage room where we keep our film equipment. … I’m going to have to find money to replace equipment, personal stuff, etc… so I need to bring in some cash quickly – that way I at least have some place to sleep.”

She’s offering specials on her website ( including signed copies of Hot Crossed Buns and specials on movies. Please consider making a purchase.

I’ve also decided to help by donating 25% of my consultation fees over the next month. See my announcement space, right, for where I’ll be, and email me at if you’d like to make an appointment.

Or just think about contributing a few bucks.

Thanks a lot, guys.


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