In need of a few good men

I put a call out a little while ago, but I’m still in need of new “action” shots taken of myself spanking a few willing, attractive victims. You don’t have to use your face in the pictures if you don’t want to.

If anyone is interested, please email me ( and we can talk.

On another subject:
I have a bit of a writing “challenge” to pose: what is the sound of the strap landing on a bare bottom? It’s not really “whack,” or “whap,” is it? How would YOU describe it? I might have to really “listen” next time I watch a spanking video that includes a strapping.

I suppose this goes for hand spanking, caning, or paddling. What noise do these things really make upon impact?

Look forward to your responses.


  1. Mike

    Of the many spanking implements, I think the strap, when properly used, has the most consistent sound, which I would classify as a “crack.” While paddles and hairbrushes vary widely in size, thickness, and mass, all of which have substantial effect on the sound it makes when striking the buttocks, straps used for spanking tend to be fairly uniform in thickness and width, so they have similar sound.

    It’s difficult to judge the sound of a spanking from a video since so many of them (more so with old videos than new ones) are are recorded in a very live room or have reverberation added. The live room is probably just a matter of where they shot it. The artificial reverb (I’ve heard some Leda videos that sound like the smacks were passed through a guitar amplifier) seems to be an attempt to make the sound bigger than life.

    The sound of a hand spanking is highly variable from a dull thud to a sharp crack, and is fairly easy to control by hitting with different parts of the hand and by curving the hand differently. One of the things that Edie, who conducted spanking workshops at the store she owned several years back, The Magick and Fetish Shop in Los Angeles, would always demonstrate was the various ways of striking with the hand, pointing out the difference in the sound as well as the sensation. You could make an instructional video. ;)

    About your hair – It seems that it wasn’t very long ago that you decided to cut it short, saying that you were just a short hair person. You’ll probably do whatever you want, but I’m a long hair person so I’ll cast a vote for letting it grow. But how it comes out all depends on your hair and there’s only so much you can do about that.

  2. Hey, Mike, thanks for the well-thought-out reply. Are you sure about the reverb being added to videos? (I just always assumed it was bad sound, bad acoustic conditions.) What would be the benefit of adding reverb, to make it sound more severe?

    Anyway, it’s funny how hard it is to describe sounds. I was listening to the guys playing ball yesterday in the park across from my apartment, and I heard the crack of a bat. Then, recalling THIS conversation, I stopped and thought, It’s not really a ‘crack’ at all, is it. It sounds like someone’s using a metal bat, so, to be honest, the noise is more like, ‘clink!’

  3. Mike

    In some videos, the enhanced reverb is painfully obvious. The decay time of the reverberation is inconsistent with the size and appearance of the room. Even in a large empty warehouse, where it looks like a series of 80s and early 90s videos were shot, if the microphone was far enough into the reverberant field to capture that much reverberation, the direct sound (speech) would be far too quiet.

    Also, the sound of the reverberation in the videos I’m talking about is very much like what’s built into guitar amplifiers, which, in the era where these videos were made (think 1980s Leda) would have been readily available. It has a kind of “sproing” sound following the initial attack, That works better for guitars than paddles. ;)

    The Leda production style in that era (I don’t know if they’re doing anything different today) was to set up 3 or 4 cameras on tripods at different distances and angles, and edit between them. The sound is different from each camera and putting a consistent amount of reverb on each helps to make them sound less different (but all sounding artificial).

    There are also many videos with very bad sound. The good news is that today’s microphones, even those built into hand-held video camera, are much better than they were in the early days of spanking videos. With only a little care, it’s hard to get something to sound that bad now, but there are some spanking videos that sound very good. The best ones are those made before a video camera was a household toy. Shadow Lane videos are a good example of what can be done with good equipment used by people who understand how to use it.

    It’s indeed hard to describe a sound in words. I once had someone in the studio ask if I could make his guitar sound more like warm caramel.

  4. brian houlihan

    great site. I am fascinated by YOU. i also write fem dom sissy fiction.
    sissy brian

  5. Thanks, Brian. Feel free to share a nugget of your writing — just please keep it short, maybe 50 words or so.

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