Take it!

I gripped him tightly about the waist. He knew he’d earned this spanking, and I relished delivering it, but there was still small part of me that felt sorry for him. it was going to hurt. I had this urge to comfort him while I was causing him pain — and both urges seemed equally important.

His pants were unbuttoned and bunched down around his ankles. His briefs were still in place, but he knew that was a very temporary situation. I began with my hand. Slowly. Sharply, with a pause in between. I could feel him settling in, breathing gently. I increased the speed. Now I peppered his bottom with spanks, sometimes very stingy slaps, sometimes thuddier ones.

I had no time limit, no predetermined number of swats that I planned to give him before the next phase. I continued to spank and, at some point, it was just time. I hooked my fingers behind the waistband of his shorts and yanked them downward in one fast motion.

Just like that, his pink cheeks were exposed. Again I felt his stomach suck in and out against my lap, as he tried to prepare himself. How can you, exactly? When the spanking starts for real, it just hurts. Oh, I could tell by his reactions that he needed it, too, that it was turning him on. But it was turning him on BECAUSE it was hard to take and I was making him take it. I wanted it to hurt. So I started again.

I spanked him hard and fast until his breath increased and he was gasping across my knee. I kept spanking, even when my own hand was beginning to sting from the slaps – it was a small price to pay. 100 spanks; 200? I lost count.

And yet, when I made him look at me, I saw that I was just scratching the surface. I picked up my hairbrush, then stroked his hair and neck gently as he turned to face the floor again. But there would be time for tenderness and forgiveness later.

Again I gripped him around the waist, and there was another intake of his breath against my lap. I raised the brush and began to paddle him with it. His yelps of pain, his wriggling, were beautiful.


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  2. I hope you don’t mean that you are planning on using my writing. Am I misunderstanding your comment? Please email me at mscassandrapark@gmail.com to clear this up. If you wish to use a PORTION of my work, I will grant permission provided you let me know where it’s being used and provided you give me credit. All writing and photos on my website are copyrighted by myself, with the exception of writing or art that I’ve gotten permission to use.

  3. James Charles

    Nice post…I’m sure he deserved it and more….just like the rest of us naughty boys!…XOXOXO, JC

  4. No, not just like the rest of the naughty boys. SOME naughty boys, as you know, need it extra hard because they just never learn. See you tomorrow …

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