Bad boys getting it …

thom 041110 46
Brad 040710 10
thom 041110 38

Not much to write tonight. I’m tired from an extremely busy weekend and must hit the hay.

Wanted to share, however, a couple of the nice shots that resulted from the recent shoots. Thanks, T and B!


  1. James Charles

    Nice Photos! Hope the Hay was comfortable and didn’t give you fever!Yer Pal, JC

  2. Yes, it’s nice to see new photos, although I understand it isn’t easy for you to take them. As you observed, the lack of new photographic content is probably a handicap to a spanking website. Males in particular are visually-oriented (one suspects the spanking fiction sites have majority-female followings). My favorite is the one with the carpet beater, not because I think it’s a great implement, but because that’s the one that shows you best.

    I don’t know if you had the help of someone else in taking these; I suspect you used a time-delay exposure. I tried the same thing myself a couple of years ago to get some “moment of impact” paddling shots, but I found that while I could set the timer on the camera and then run back into position, I couldn’t count the seconds accurately enough to synchronize the shutter with the swat! The perils of spanking photography.

  3. Thanks. There will be more to come, and I think we did well, considering the lack of “professional” equipment.

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