Good/bad boy

JP’s domme wrote me a day or two before I headed down to Atlantic City, telling me she couldn’t make the party, but that JP had pissed her off and she would like some assistance in disciplining him.

I would have done that anyway — JP’s a friend of mine whom I’ve spent time with at the Shadow Lane and Florida Moonshine parties over the last couple of years. I think he’s a great guy, which of course is exactly why no one has to ASK me to toss him over my knee and give him exactly what he deserves.

I didn’t think his alleged misbehavior was all that bad — of course, that’s between him and his domme. On the other hand, no one HAS to be bad to get the thrashing he or she needs.

His domme’s suggestion was to mark JP’s skin with a Sharpie, near the places where I’d paddled or caned or did other evil things to him. It sounded like fun at first. But then I thought that it might cut into my own fun. I do like to be spontaneous, and this might mean stopping and starting too many times rather than going with the flow of things.

In the end, I opted out and just punished him as I saw fit. He knew I was going to cane him, so was it “wrong” of me to give him a taste of the bath brush first before I picked up the cane? (That IS a rhetorical question.)

I extra nice that night and gave him over 100 strokes with the canes. He’s stoic, but moans and twists just enough to let you know he’s feeling it.

P.S. Yes, I DO love retro polka-dot dresses!


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