I’m publishing a book!

Told you it was going to be big news! This is my brand-new book, a compilation of my writing (fiction and essays) plus comments and other tidbits. Much of the material is from my blog, but the book also includes brand-news stories, writing from FetLife, and a ton of pictures. Thank you to all who modeled for me — there were more responses than I had the ability to schedule, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

“It’s Supposed to Hurt!” will premier at Florida Moonshine, June 4-6, but will also be available to order here on line as soon as it’s finalized. It’ll be $10 plus S&H (I don’t know what that’ll cost, whatever the normal rates are).

If anyone is going to Florida Moonshine, please stop by my booth at the vendor’s fair on Friday night. I’ll be signing and selling the book, offering spankings free to those who purchase the book, and also selling homemade treats — fudge and/or delicious chocolate concoctions. You didn’t know I was this multi-talented, did you?


  1. Erica

    How cool is this?? Congratulations. :-)

  2. Thanks, Erica — and I’m happy I’ll get to see you and J in Florida! I haven’t been on MySpace much (it still drives me crazy, the amount of time it takes to load the pages), so I’m not caught up on your blog. I’ll check it soon …
    (By the way, here’s the link to Erica’s blog: Erica Scott on MySpace.)

  3. Mike

    Hmmm . . . . book, spankings, and chocolate. Sounds like a great time. Isn’t it a good feeling to finish something like this? ;)

    I’m guessing this is self-published. If you don’t already have a closet full, let me suggest Cafe Press to handle the routine paperwork. I’ve had a book with them for about 5 years now and all I have to do is sit back and wait for the money to roll in (enough for a few lattes a month anyway). Buyers order through their web site, they take the money, ship the book, and mail out the checks. You send them a PDF, set the price that they charge the customer, and they deduct the cost, based on the number of pages and binding. What’s left is what you get. No hassles, and you can order copies for yourself at cost in small quantites if you want to take some to events or send out personally signed copies to special friends.

    Check it out: http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/help/learn_book.aspx

  4. James Charles

    Please reserve a signed copy for me!, XOXOXOXOX, JC

  5. Hoppy

    Congrats! I wish I could be there in Florida for the chocolates and book signing! In any event, please reserve a copy for me!

  6. I finished TODAY! It was done, writing wise, but it’s got multiple sections, photos, blurbs, pulled quotes, etc., etc. and I wanted it to look as close to perfect as I could. Had to be patient while two others read it. I am using createspace.com, which sounds like a very similar arrangement to cafe press.

  7. Hoppy

    I got my copy! Arrived Saturday, finished reading it today! Very nice work, Ma’am!

  8. Hoppy

    Of course I bought it! Not right away, of course, I did procrastinate for a day or so….

  9. Hm. Seems you’ve been tossing me an awful lot of hints lately, H. When are you going to come pay for all your misdeeds?

  10. Hoppy

    Misdeeds? Me? I’ll have you know the garage roof was shingled this past week! Actually, I’m well aware of just how overdue I am for your “enlightenment!”

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