My new tour?

First off, I wanted to publicly thank the men who modeled for me for my book. It was very difficult to arrange things and I know there were others who offered — sorry I couldn’t fit you all in. Also, thanks to everyone I’ve played with; you have given me great inspiration for writing. Your comments, too, are always food for thought — some of them will appear in the book.

Some updates on travel and where I’ll be. First of all for the local folks, I’ll be at the DomSubFriends party at Paddles on Friday night. If you want to see me and play this Friday at Paddles, please let me know as soon as possible. I’m already filling up time slots, starting around 11.

Next it’s off to Tampa, Florida, June 4-6 for Florida Moonshine. As announced earlier, I will be making my book AND professional debut there. I have a special party rate for private play, with an even better rate if you buy the book. Email me if interested,

if anyone’s from the Denver area, I’m considering going to Thunder in the Mountains July 16-18. Let me know if you’re up for a session there. It’ll be my first time.

Also in July is Crimson Moon. This one is still a toss-up, because I can’t get off work that Friday. That’ll seriously cut into party time and will probably mean I can’t do a vendor’s table (unless my husband Rad sets it up for me and I meet him there later). If anyone wants to play in Chicago, let me know and I’ll book a flight ASAP.

Then, over Labor Day weekend, is Shadow Lane in Vegas. We’ll be there Sept. 2-6, so I’ll have lots of time to deal with the bad boys, but if you want a private scene, please let me know early so we can set up a time.

There are several other local events I’m looking into, such as the TESfest and Floating World.

Since I’m also going to be traveling for work in late June/early July, it’s going to be quite a whirlwind over the next few months. Will have to learn to use just my carry-on .. so hard to do, though, when you’re going to a spanking party.

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