The quiet ones

Where did he go right there; where was he right then? Why wasn’t he yelling his head off with the pain?

He’s one of the stoic ones, the ones who stay in place, take all that I give them and barely make a sound. He sobs quietly at times, periodically gasps or blurts out that he’s sorry. But he stays in place, doesn’t beg for me to stop, doesn’t writhe around and try to get away. The other day when we played, I felt this curious power flowing through me, where I’ was simply watching him as if from afar, watching how he processed the pain, wondering if he had a breaking point and if I could get him there.

By the end of our session I was whipping him pretty hard. The lines you see are from the infamous “liquid cane,” a small, quiet-but-effective rubber implement that leaves lines like a cane but (to me, at least) feels worse. I gave him over 100 strokes. And I paddled him with that nasty paddle you see on the couch next to him (it’s leather, but very thick leather … very painful). I used other evil things as well from my implement bag.

And he took them all. Psychologically, where was he? Did I take him to a place he simply needed to be? Was he taking it to please me? (never a bad motive!). He likes to play bad boy to mean but loving mommy, but does that really matter? That’s just the context to the pain.

You know I’ve written before that I like the brats. They bring a completely different energy and they’re fun, BUT it doesn’t work if it goes too far. I mean that if you combine a stoic pain slut with a brat, it simply drains you of energy. You could beat him all day and he’d still be mouthing off.

But the quiet ones? Sometimes it means working harder to read them, to find out what pushes their buttons. Other times it’s more down and dirty: I’m simply being mean. THAT didn’t make you react? OK, how about THIS, tough guy?


  1. Mike

    I’m a quiet type, kind of like the one you described. I do this for my own enjoyment (weird, huh, to call it “enjoyment”?) but I don’t like to be brutally beaten. I don’t want my spanker to look at me as a challenge, as in how much does it take to make me cry, scream, or jump up and run away.

    Most understand that when I explain what I’m looking for. Being over the lap of a lady punishing me for some real or could-be-real misdeed is a special treat for me, but I have (and clearly communicate) limits that may put constraints on what my punisher does or what implements she uses on me. That may put off those who think I’m controlling my fate, but it’s how I play, and it IS play for me.

    But it takes all kinds, and to some, I’m sure that a true masochist is the ideal play partner.

  2. Yeah, there are all types. I didn’t mean to imply that this was my goal in most cases. But, being a switch, I do get curious as to what might cause a particular reaction when I might react in a completely different manner. With someone who plays as you describe, where you might not want it over the top hard but yet don’t react too much, the top and bottom really need to communicate about what’s OK and not OK before jumping in.

    I’ve never had a problem if a sub had to break charactor and tell me that something wasn’t working, either physically or emotionally. I then might continue the scene in a slightly different head space.

  3. Hoppy

    As someone once called “stoic” by a lovely woman once, I’ve often wondered what went through your mind….

  4. E.C.

    I also am a pure, masochistic, quiet type. But I fall into the category of wanting my spanker to look at it as a challenge. You said it yourself – you were wondering if “he had a breaking point” and if you could get him there. That to me is perfect.

  5. James Charles

    Ma’am, I can truely say that you are correct in your description of the liquid cane and it’s ability to inflict a tremendous amount of punishment in a short time!!! Of course when weilded by a consumate top such as yourself it works very well!!!!! I look forward to more time in your company, your stoic, JC

  6. James Charles

    Oh and I forgot to add that I would like to move both June and July at Paddles(and the Munch) to the second weekend. XOXXOXO, JC

  7. Tricky thing — not everyone wants to play that way, and not everyone wants to play that way with ME. Negotiation and paying close attention are key..

  8. Waiting to hear back from Michael at Paddles as to what he’s decided. We need to start advertising soon! (My husband and I host the munch prior to the once-a-month OTK party at PaddlesNYC)

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