Busy week, nice weekend

I started off last week by thrashing a bad boy as part of a role play. He was one of those youngsters that the next-door neighbor trusts to house-sit. But I caught him going through her lingerie drawer. Why do they have no self-control? I really do not understand. But, it wasn’t up to me to understand. I simply spanked him.

When I switched to the hairbrush he didn’t didn’t like that very much, and was moving around and wriggling a lot. I tied him down. I prefer holding a bad boy in place, but sometimes that makes me lose focus on what’s important — walloping his backside.

Last week, I got the opportunity to spank and flog a woman I’d just met at Paddles. She really needed the pain so I was able to push her. I loved hearing the flogger land and her gasps of pain, followed by her whisper that she could still take more.

I also spanked another young female friend yesterday during a spanking barbecue we attended. T. has a thin waist, a gorgeous, full bottom (I hope that doesn’t offend her, but it is very nice). She can take a hard spanking and that’s what I gave her, as a punishment role play. She had something real in mind she said she needed to be punished for; I only partially agreed, but knew that deep down she simply needed the release.

When we were done I “rewarded” her with a nice flogging. Hope she liked our play…

I’m up way too late and I’m going to bed now. Hopefully, I’ll have something more substantial to say over the next few days.


  1. T is never offended! :P
    Time over your lap was something I needed very much. Thank you for working through it with me. Always an honor. ;)

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